But if I write what my soul thinks, it will be visible, and the words will be its body.

Helen Keller
In every culture all over the world people have left their mark in words.  They have carved into stone, written on papyrus, parchment, bark, letters and books. We gathered around campfires and told stories; we recount the big events of our lives and the events of the day.  We read bedtime stories to children, listen to or read the news, and we dream fantastic tales at night.   We are all storytellers and writers.  We come to it very naturally.
Writing to Find Your Voice:

When: September 17th, October 1st, and 15th;  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where:  321 San Felipe Road, Suite 7, Hollister, California
(Please note the change of venue)

Cost:  $100 covers all three dates

To Register:  Send a contact request through this website and
your payment to P.O. Box 857, Palo Alto, California 94302

Why might you want to write?

Perhaps you might think of it as settling down at the campfire of your own soul and listening to the stories that are ready to be heard at this time in your life. They can inspire, encourage, surprise, delight, and give perspective.

Here are some reasons others have given:

*  "I would write to be clear about what is in my mind--"

*  " Writing creates the possibility of a novel point of view otherwise unestablished."

*  "I write to participate in the ongoing creativity of life."

So why write in a group?
For the same reason we gathered around campfires. We are all connected to one another.  When we write, we create, and when we offer our creations to one another, we are less alone.  Whether in a word, a mood, an image, or affirmation we give one another something new that can foster creativity, clarity, and new options.

In this group you will have:

· Time to write

· · To experiment, play, take risks, and be brave

· Believe in the freshness, vitality, and importance of your own experience and imagination

· Practice in ways that will help you recognize your own voice and increase its range

· Believe in yourself and protect yourself from anyone and anything that undermines that belief

· Remember

· Imagine

· Find and keep contact with other artists who can provide you with an intimae community of support, strengthen you, and encourage your work.

For more information read my blog page where I will be writing more about this workshop.

Please send a contact request to me to let me know you are interested and you can be included for workshop updates and details.

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